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Asthma Treatment and Prevention

The CDC estimates that close to 6.2 percent of all physician visits were to treat and manage asthma in 2015. In addition, 1 in 13 adults in the U.S currently have asthma.

If you, your child, or another family member suffers from asthma then make sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Arlington for fast and immediate asthma symptom treatment.

Most patients will still come into contact with common asthma triggers, so they may also need an action plan to manage their asthma risks. At AFC Arlington, we can help coordinate a treatment plan for you. Our urgent care team led by board-certified physicians can administer treatment and manage asthma with inhaler and medication refills, on-site symptom relief, and guidance on how to prevent future asthma attacks.

We recommend taking the following preventive actions to help lower your chances of triggering asthma:

  • Always carrying your inhaler on you at all times
  • Routinely cleaning, dusting, and wiping down surfaces to reduce asthma triggers like dust and pollen.
  • Washing bedding and similar linens at least once a week in hot water
  • Getting any updated flu vaccines and antiviral medications as necessary

Patients should come visit us at 1398 Mass Ave in Arlington, MA (02476) if they need an appointment. Patients can always schedule online or walk-in whenever their schedule is open. An appointment is easier to plan your visit, but you’ll never need one for treatment at AFC Arlington.

If you have more questions about asthma treatment options at AFC Urgent Care then call us directly at 781.648.4572.