United State Coast Guard Physical Exams

Coast Guard Physical Exams near Arlington, Somerville, Lexington and Greater Boston Areas

AFC Urgent Care Arlington’s state licensed physicians offer same day coast guard physical exams in the greater Boston area. In fact we have been proudly serving existing members and applicants into the United States Coast Guard services for several years.

What is a USCG Medical?

The USCG medical exam is a relatively routine physical exam. It is also refereed to as a Mariner Medical Certificate (CG-719K) or a Merchant Mariner Medical Certificate.  For most applicants it is simply there to ensure you are in good health to either be part of a vessel crew or serve as a member of the US Coast Guard. We have typically seen that most patients without significant medical history can pass this medical without any problems. Please note that in certain circumstances there may be a drug screening required and we encourage you to call us at 781-648-4572 to inquire about a drug screening applying to your situation.

The physical portion of the test is essentially there to ensure that the applicant:

  • Has the physical ability to complete coast guard training requirements (Section A-VI/1 of STCW)
  • Can communicate and hear properly (vision, hearing and speech)
  • Has no serious medical condition that prevents the candidate from safely fulfilling duties
  • Is not suffering from a condition that is worsened, or can be hazardous to safety, by the candidate being at sea
  • Is not using medication that has side effects that can prevent them for doing their duties

How much does a Coast Guard Physical Cost?

We have made every effort to make the physical exam affordable especially since it is mandatory for many wishing to serve our country. The cost of a Coast Guard Physical is listed on our page and we are confident it is one of the lowest you’ll be able to find in our area.

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