FAA Basic Medical Exams at AFC Arlington MA

Same Day Walk-in Service Available

The FAA has made it considerably easy for everyone from student pilots to seasoned owners of private planes to get their medical requirements out of the way of enjoying a beautiful flight. Most healthy general aviation enthusiasts can now get their preferred state licensed physician to complete their FAA BasicMed physical examination and be on the completely legal side of flying. There are of course some limitations and we recommend that you review FAA’s BasicMed program, eligibility criteria, limitations and requirements to see if the BasicMed is sufficient for your flying/license needs.

Why Choose AFC Arlington MA for Your BasicMed?

Well for one we’re in your neighborhood and we have been serving patients in an around Arlington, Medford, Somerville, Belmont and other areas in Greater Boston for their BasicMeds for several years now. We are very likely less busy than most family doctors (who are typically overbooked) and can cater to the eager pilot who may want to go flying tomorrow but cannot do so because of the medical requirement. Our prices too are also very reasonable and you can freely call us to inquire, we can safely say that our prices will be less than the best tasting $100 hamburger you’ve ever had!

What to do before the BasicMed Exam

  • Complete the Basic FAA Medical Self-Assessment. Refer to the FAA’s website for more details on the BasicMed.
  • Complete the appropriate medical licensing course (online or offline) – The list of courses valid for this requirement is evolving and once again we would recommend that you check with the FAAs website on which course option is available for you. Make sure to keep records of taking this course as this is a critical requirement for a valid BasicMed
  • Call us to let us know when you’re dropping by. We’ll be able to guide you on the medical aspects of things and make sure a state licensed physician is there to complete your paperwork
  • When you think you’re all done,  make sure to double and triple check your legal flight requirements including FAR parts applicable to you, flight reviews, license validity etc. Having a medical is just one part of the flight readiness checklist and you know as a pilot that, at the end of the day, it is always your responsibility to comply with the law


So what are you waiting for?

Lets go flying!