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Family Care

Family Care for All Ages in Arlington & Lexington, MA

Between sports, schoolwork, playdates, and extracurriculars, life moves pretty fast nowadays for children. Of course, parents are the ones who are tasked with shuttling them around from activity-to-activity, making for an equally exhausting experience. What may get lost in this shuffle are things like making sure each child is up-to-date on their vaccines and physicals.

School sports may pop up all of a sudden, and your child will need a physical in order to participate. However, your child’s primary care physician will likely be totally booked up with all the other children needing physicals. Don’t worry, though – this is what AFC Urgent Care Arlington is here for.

Our walk-in clinic offers a range of medical services for patients of all ages, with no appointment or referral needed. This means you can expect same-day services.

Between our fully-licensed medical staff and board-certified physicians, we offer a number of medical services, including:

If you’re interested in our family care medical services, walk into our urgent care center any day of the week.

For more information, call us at 781.648.4572. We look forward to providing your family with the best care in Middlesex County.