Walk-In Flu Shots in Arlington & Lexington, MA

Flu season typically begins in early fall and then finally ends mid-Spring. Influenza spreads with extreme ease, putting everybody in the vicinity of an infected person at risk. While most people’s immune systems are capable of quickly eradicating the infection, people with compromised immune systems – particularly infants and elderly people – are susceptible to developing potentially-deadly symptoms.

This makes it essential for everybody to get a flu shot. The Center for Disease Control recommends that everybody over six months of age receive a flu shot each year. Even if you’re a healthy adult, unless you have recently received a vaccination, you are vulnerable to contracting the flu. It’s also important for the health of everyone around you that you get a flu shot. Each year, businesses lose millions in productivity as a result of employees calling in sick due to the flu.

Why do I need a flu shot each year before flu season?

The flu shot is necessary each year because the influenza virus adapts on an annual basis. From year-to-year, the flu changes in order to become more infectious, which means a new vaccine is manufactured each year. Without the most recent flu vaccine you’re likely to get sick more rapidly than others.

Flu vaccines should be acquired as soon as you have time to do so. This is because flu season in certain communities can start earlier, and last longer, than regular flu season. Without the shot, patients could be exposed to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including nausea, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, sneezing, coughing, congestion, and fever.

At AFC Urgent Care Arlington, we administer flu shots on a walk-in basis. We recommend everyone get vaccinated for the flu including:

  • Children over six months
  • Pregnant women
  • Seniors
  • Individuals with chronic health conditions

You will never be required to schedule an appointment with us in order to receive a flu shot. We offer them at an affordable price, and with most insurance plans, our patients’ only out-of-pocket expense is their standard office copay.

Just walk-in to our facility any day of the week to receive your flu shot. For more information about our flu vaccines, call us at 781.648.4572. We look forward to helping you make it through flu season flu-free!