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How to Get Fast Sport and Camp Physicals for Your Child

Sport and camp physicals are necessary for most children to participate in recreational activities during the summer. State laws usually require that private and public recreational organizations review sport physicals before enrolling children into programs.

Additionally, parents will have to provide an updated physical every year to enroll their child in a new or continuous activity. But sport and camp physicals also serve a special healthcare purpose for your child.

A medical provider reviews your child’s current development, health issues, height, weight, and other clinically-relevant factors to determine if they can participate in a sport. The physical also reviews other health risks such as allergies, illnesses, and similar conditions.

Recreational staff then use the information from your child’s sport and camp physical to provide the safest possible experience during summer camp, league sports, and other recreational programs. Before your child’s physical you’ll want to take the following steps to make the process as easy and efficient as possible:

Bring in any pertinent health information about your child

Any information about your child’s health is crucial to ensure the sport physical is as accurate as possible. Start by collecting any information about allergies, illnesses, medications, and any other type of relevant health information.

Medical providers use the information you provide to determine if your child is developing healthily and if current medical conditions are under control.

Without the proper medical information on hand your provider could decide that your child is not healthy enough to participate in sports, regardless of previous enrollment or participation in certain activities.

Schedule a physical or plan out an appointment well before activity enrollment

A sport and camp physical should be completed well before recreational activities begin enrollment. Taking a little bit of time before enrollment can ensure that your child isn’t delayed in participating in summer camp or summer sports.

Visit an urgent care center to get sport and camp physicals fast

An urgent care center offers the fastest way to provide your child with a sport and camp physical before enrollment in summer camp. Urgent care centers are open for most of the day so you won’t have to take extra time off in order to get your appointment. Simply find a day that works and take your child to the urgent care.

Urgent care providers are able to evaluate of the clinical and developmental factors before your child begins a new activity. Simply find a local urgent care center to get your child’s physical completed on the same day!