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How to Stay Healthy and Exercise as the Seasons Get Colder

Colder weather is upon us and while that brings festive holiday traditions, it also brings a general decline in the health of many people. It’s easy to sue cold weather as an excuse to become sedentary and adopt bad eating habits but staying on track through the winter months is possible and easier than you think! Follow these tips to make sure you maintain that summer body all year round. 

Keep Your Eating Habits in Check

Cold weather leads people towards more hearty comfort foods and holiday treats. Unfortunately, these types of foods are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Keep your eating habits in check this winter by finding some new winter recipes to try. Soups are a great option for a cold weather meal that doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Try out the fresh produce that’s in season and you may even discover a new favorite! It’s helpful to keep healthy snacks prepared and ready to grab in your fridge. That way when an unhealthy craving strikes, you can curb it with a healthy snack instead. Allow yourself to indulge in a holiday treat at parties or gatherings but limit it to just one and don’t take leftovers home. 

Find Indoor Exercises 

If you normally exercise outside, you’ll have to improvise a little bit. Look into indoor, at home workout options. You can find videos online for at-home workouts that target any area of the body. Try a new video each day, or create a routine you stick with all winter. Now is a great time to give group fitness classes a try too! They’re almost always inside and you’ll get the motivation you need from your peers in the class. 

Create a Routine 

Don’t let the shorter winter days interrupt your routine. Instead, adapt your routine to fit the season. Write down a plan for each day. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day to encourage having time for exercise and preparing healthy meals. Once you’ve fallen into a winter routine, it will feel like second nature. 

If you have specific health concerns or need more tips about how to stay healthy this winter, talk with your healthcare provider. Even something as simple as a yearly physical at your local urgent care can give you the tools and motivation you need to be a healthier version of yourself