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Is STD Testing Safe for Patients?

STD testing is a topic that sounds uncomfortable to talk about, but it shouldn’t have to be! Regular STD testing is the best way to protect the health of yourself and your sexual partners. There’s no denying the importance of STD testing, but many people are still left with one big question – is it safe? 

How Do STDs Cause Infections?

STDs are a type of disease that spreads through sexual contact with an infected individual. They can spread through anal, oral, or vaginal contact. STDs enter your body, and the infection begins to spread throughout your body. Some people show apparent symptoms when they’re fighting an STD infection, while others will show no symptoms at all. 

Why and When Should I Get Tested?

Getting tested for STDs is the only way to ensure you and your partner are both staying safe during sex. You should be checked once a year or each time you have a new sexual partner. It’s also a good idea to ask each new partner when they g, how many sexual partners they’ve had since then, and if they use protection during sex. If you find out you were with someone who later got diagnosed with an STD, get tested right away. Even if you’re on birth control, you need toot their last test = for STDs. Birth control does not protect against STDs.

How Do Urgent Care Centers Safely Test for STDs?

Urgent care centers make STD testing safe and easy for the patient. You’ll receive testing in a sterile environment staffed with experienced nurses, doctors, and technicians. Your STD test will be done using a urine sample, swab test, or blood test. STD testing is quick and virtually painless – it will be over before you know it! After your sample I, it will be tested by urgent care staff to check for any STDs. If you have an STD, we will prescribe you the medication you need to manage, treat, or cure it. 

We also like to use this testing time as an opportunity to educate you on how to stay safe and prevent and future STDs. 

STD testing is an important part of maintaining your overall health. Rather, if you need a test for the first time, or you’ve recently switched partners, STD testing at urgent care is the quickest and easiest option. Don’t be embarrassed to get tested either. We aren’t here to judge; we’re just happy to see people taking care of their sexual health!