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Retail Clinic Alternative

Patients of all ages are looking for more affordable and convenient medical services for their patients. That is why it is important to understand the main differences between retail clinics and urgent care centers. Ultimately, an urgent care center provides a more comprehensive healthcare alternative than a retail clinic.

At AFC Urgent Care Arlington, we provide patients with both a walk-in clinic and an urgent care center to address both acute and comprehensive healthcare needs. But common retail clinics like the ones seen at Walgreens or CVS usually don’t provide the same level of service of an urgent care center.

Here is what you should know between retail clinics and urgent care centers to help you determine your best healthcare option.

What are the main differences between urgent care centers and retail clinics?

Urgent care centers offer vastly more medical capabilities, features, and procedures than a retail clinic at a big box store or pharmacy. The major differences include:

  • Types of treatment: Urgent care centers can provide injury, acute illness treatment, and other diagnostic exams like lab testing. Comparatively, retail clinics only offer a variety of treatments for injuries and diseases. An urgent care center also provides seasonal treatments like flu shots at the same price as a retail clinic.
  • Ability to see multiple patients: An urgent care center also has multiple exam rooms and providers to help several patients get immediate treatment at once. In contrast, a retail clinic only has one nurse on staff to administer treatment. Urgent care centers also staff board-certified physicians and providers to help provide the best possible care.
  • Affordable medical options: Urgent care centers accept multiple types of insurances so that the only cost most patients have upfront is for the copay. Retail clinics usually require most patients to pay a flat out-of-pocket rate, unless they have a special promotion or network agreement with an insurance provider.

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