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Top Seasonal Injuries During the Fall Season

Seasonal injuries during the fall season are abundant as many athletes begin various competitions. In addition, people from all athletic levels are more likely to get hurt during turkey trots, 5ks, and other seasonal activities! Understanding some of these key injuries can help patients get the treatment they need and prevent injuries outright!

While most injuries are preventable, many athletes may be more prone than others to some sort of sprain or mild bone break. Injuries can range in severity, pain, and complexity but are mostly treatable at an urgent care center!

In the event that you experience a sudden seasonal injury, make sure that you visit AFC Urgent Care Arlington for sudden injury treatment. Our team of providers can triage, stabilize, and heal acute injuries that happen on the track, field, or gridiron this fall!

Ankle sprains are especially common during the fall season

Ankle sprains both mild and moderate are highly common during the fall since the cold weather makes it hard for blood to travel to the joints and makes muscles tighten at a faster rate. Whenever you need to prevent an ankle sprain, make sure that you stretch appropriately, wear protective/proper footwear, and practice proper running form whenever you are outside.

Bruises and contact injuries are also common in the autumn

The fall season also leads to an inordinate amount of bruises and contact injuries from sports including football, soccer, field hockey, and other seasonal sports. When a bruise is deep under the tissue, it can cause lingering pain. Whenever you experience a painful bruise or trauma, make sure that you first ice the bruise and apply pressure with an ice pack.

Contact injuries such as concussions and other forms of trauma may happen on the field. To check for a concussion, please have a healthcare provider screen you or your child immediately for any signs of a potential concussion.

Bone breaks happen at home and on the field during fall season

A minor bone break or sprain is likely to happen in the fall season than during other seasons! As competitive sports ramp up, and new decorating and manual labor happen yearly, the changes of a significant bone break are likely.

Whenever you have a broken bone, make sure you identify the severity of the break. Then, whenever you need help make sure that you visit urgent care for minor broken bones and an ER for any significant, life-threatening injuries!