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Why Should Adults Get Frequent STD Tests?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a topic that many people shy away from, thinking that it’s something to be ashamed of. That stigma is extremely harmful and leads many people to avoid STD testing and education as they become sexually active. We want to help tear down that stigma by sharing the facts about how, when, where, and why you should get tested for STDs. 

What are STDs? 

STDs are sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Most STDs can be treated once they’re detected but leaving an STD untreated for an extended period of time can cause long-term damage. Different types of STDs will require different treatment, so it’s important to understand what you actually have.

STDs are spread through sexual contact with an infected individual through the mouth, anus, or vagina. People of all ages and sexualities can be affected. Condoms are the most effective method of preventing STDs, combined with talking to your partners about their sexual history. STDs can present physical symptoms, but they don’t always. 

When Should You Get Tested? 

You should get tested for STDs each time you have a new sexual partner, have unprotected sex, or if there’s a chance that your partner has been with someone else. It’s recommended to get tested once a year even if you don’t have multiple parts or any unprotected sex. Talk with your sexual partners to learn when they were last tested, how many partners they’ve had, and if there’s a chance they have an STD before engaging in sex of any kind. If you ever test positive for an STD, contact every sexual partner you’ve had since the last time you got tested because they may have an STD too. Clear communication, regular testing, and prompt treatment are the best ways to keep your sexual health intact! 

Where Can You Get Tested? 

Getting tested for STDs is as easy as visiting your local urgent care center or walk-in clinic. Testing is a quick and easy process that will be performed by a licensed medical professional in a comfortable setting. If you test positive, the urgent care will be able to offer treatment and future prevention tips. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the STD testing process, call your urgent care today and ask! Getting tested for STDs is something that all sexually active adults should do and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let our staff put your mind at ease and prioritize your sexual health today!