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Why Should I Get My Flu Shot in September?

The flu season is just around the corner, but patients may want to get their flu shot as early as September! Each year, the influenza virus infects over 40 million people, contributes to millions of flu-related diseases, and creates thousands of hospitalizations for patients that are especially vulnerable. As the seasons change into fall, patients will want to get their flu shot at a walk-in clinic as soon as possible!

And for many patients, as soon as possible may be as early as September! This may seem especially early for a flu shot, but for many patients it could mean that they are protected for most of the year! But why does getting a flu shot as early as September help benefit patients?

Early flu shots in September help build your immunity before peak flu season

Did you know that an early flu shot before the peak of flu season is more likely to protect you during high flu activity? This is because the flu vaccine uses a weakened strain of the virus so your body can gradually build immunity to the disease. However, gradually is the key term since it can take a couple of weeks for the flu vaccine to fully protect a patient.

By getting the flu shot in September, you are more likely to have full immunity to the influenza virus as flu season peaks in mid-October!

Avoid “flu traffic” at your local urgent care by getting their before everyone else!

Flu season usually means that more and more people are going to visit a nearby urgent care or walk-in clinic in order to get their vaccine. To avoid any additional wait times, get your flu shot right as they are offered nearby! An urgent care center can help patients get the shot in just a few minutes and offer the shot right at the start of September.

Even if there is a bit of a wait, an urgent care center can get a patient an updated flu shot in just a few minutes via walk-in clinic!

Getting an early flu shot means less stress and less days in bed!

If you decide to get an early flu shot, the less likely you’ll worry about getting sick, missing work, skipping school, and the other consequences of influenza. The symptoms such as sneezing, fever, nausea, congestion, and others are easily avoidable with a flu shot. Additionally, the flu shot allows a patient to do the fun fall activities they are looking forward too instead of being bedridden!